So You Are Going Blind…

SPOILERS: This has absolutely no funny in it, feel free to skip this.


My computer is an asshole and decided to restart just as I finished writing this post, which is actually probably really good since it was long and sad and had a lot of sappy woe is me stuff and who needs to hear all about that.


It’s been 8 months, or longer, since I’ve written here. Things have been a weird.


I became an accountant, it gives me nightmares. Not cool. I think it makes me less funny. That’s probably debatable to all the people who laugh at me.


I started having some problems at work, driving, at home. Went to a doctor and it turns out I am rapidly going blind and there is nothing they can do. So that sucks. A lot.


But I’ve decided enough is enough and I am tired of being sad. I could still big time use a hug though. A really really big hug.


So as best as I can be, I’m back. I’m not promising anything but I’m sure I have some funny stuff saved up from the last who knows how long.





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  1. NerdGirl Says:

    Sending you the biggest internet hug!!!! Seriously, it an excellent hug, the kind of internet hug when you can cry on my shoulder & I pat your back until you are done crying. Or it can be the kind of hug where it is quick and firm & then I step back and grab your shoulders and look at you and say “This is shitty but your are awesome and you will be okay”…and you totally know that you will be okay.

    That is the beauty of the internet hug, it can be whatever you need it to be. Here, have another big internet hug!!! This one can be turned into an in-person hug if you know someone awesome in real life that will be a hug surrogate.

    Seriously, hugs!!!!

  2. TheOtherLisa Says:

    I would hug you. And take dictation.

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