PB and J and Condoms

That’s it, that’s right, I did it!

I made it alive, drove 2000kms in 3 days and I only mildly entered into a state of shock ala Troy meeting Levar Burton.

And I met Adam West.

It was *amazing*


We drove overnight Thursday, forgot about the time change (whoops!) and still got there too early Friday to check into the hotel and too grungy to go to the convention so we went to Red Lobster.

 Do you know that people go there dressed really nice and I went after a sleepless 13 hour drive looking and smelling like a hobo? Shrimp dont judge me!


I quickly scrub with bleach, get pretty and… there he was. Being all awesome and shit. I went and got a random comic book that I’d bought for the occasion signed and then Adam West read it to me while I stook there in such a level of shock that I could’t talk for like half an hour.

I figured this would look coolest on my wall

Oh, and I got to drive the Batmobile. Because Batman fucking rocks.

Parachutes instead of brakes. Because it's safer


And then Wil Wheaton saw me and was like “Um… are you wearing an R2D2 skirt? Did you make it your self???” and then started jumping and squealing  and I went back to my catatonic state.

This is my camoflage

So he signed a book completely unrelated to him while I gaped like a moron and he asked me to spin for him.

This is the second most excited I've ever been about this book

Then I smashed into Levar Burton because I can’t possibly watch where I’m going and reverently stare at my Adam West signature at the same time. He sang Reading Rainbow. It was amazing.


They oversold the event and 50,000 people got let in a 35,000 space so the fire marshall shut things down and instead of hearding everyone out they just locked the door to whatever room you were in. I happened to be in a nearly empty theatre with Adam West. Obviously my Karma is up to date or something. He spent the whole time trying to distract up by telling us hilarious stories. I’m not sure if he was shitting us, but he talks like he really thinks he is Batman.

AW: “HEY! I’m on Family Guy. Did you see my cat launcher? That was HI-larious!”

AW: “What do you think I carried around in my Bat Belt? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and condoms. Because you never know.”

AW:”I was known for defeating bad guys with my humous. That’s why I’m called the bright night. Do you like that? I made it up myself.”

AW: “The brakes on the Batmobile were really terrible and I used to whip that baby around corners just to see Robin wet himself!”

Im sure there were tons of other funny thing he said but I was too busy laughing and crying and peeing. And not just because there wasnt a bathroom.


So, all in all, it was awesome. I was too nervous to ask Adam West to come to my birthday party, but that’s fine. I just sat in my hotel room and ate a cupcake alone. And by “Ate a cupcake” I mean drank booze. Because I’m classy.


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  1. Jeneral Insanity Says:


    I am so jealous of you right now, even though you wrote this in the past. You got muthafucking Wil Wheaton’s Signature on Jenny Lawson’s book, AND met/got an autograph from, were read to, & entertained by monkeymotherfuckingADAMWE!

    Fuck you, dude.
    That is all…

    P.S. Can I touch it? Any of it? *ugh!* I am so a nice shade of Hulk over here because of all the jealousy.

  2. MrsMustache Says:

    OK, BUT I basically had a full on 404 in my brain, so hopefully your brain can handle it all better than mine could

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